Hannah Presakarchuk - UCP Nomination Candidate

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As a nurse, I care deeply about our province and its people. I believe Albertans deserve a government that reflects our proud and hardworking nature. I am running not only to win this nomination, but to restore Edmonton-Rutherford as a seat at the government table. This will allow me to passionately and effectively fight for you and your family. 


I am a new candidate for a new era of Alberta's conservative movement. I believe in the constituents of Edmonton-Rutherford, and will look to you for guidance on the issues that matter most. I am modern candidate who's ready and able to beat the NDP in 2019.


  • Repealing the disastrous Carbon Tax
  • Ensuring approved pipelines actually get built
  • Creating good jobs and investment in Alberta
  • Guaranteeing parental choice in Education
  • Developing effective healthcare policies 

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Hannah Presakarchuk for Edmonton-Rutherford